Marriage between Hard Rock and New Wave!

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TOXSICK FIRE was born in 2010 of the encounter (after reading a wall ad in a music store) between Manu and Michel, the two guitarists of the band, who wanted at the time to embark on a quite muscular musical project that would merge their metal and new wave influences into an original concept that would convincingly reconcile these two apparently contradictory currents.

After many setbacks, questions and various depressive moments related to the long unsuccessful search for a drummer, a bassist and a singer who would be sufficiently motivated and inspired by the project, the band now seems to have found its cruising speed with a solid rhythm section consisting of his younger member, Benoït, at the drums and cymbals since 2012, and Gabriele on the bass since 2015.

If Michel finally took over the singing and decided to attack microphones verbally, he goes on furiously strumming his guitar when he gives some respite to the first. Finally, Manu finally now also plays the rhythm guitar during the vocal parts, but he still has a particular fondness for guitar solos, in which he can unleash his mastery of guitar technique.

Very early Michel launched the idea of calling the band TOXSICK FIRE because this name seemed indeed perfectly to reflect the mood of the music composed by the band and the contents of the texts in English that it conveys.

TOXSICK FIRE is actually a pun based not only on the combination of "toxic fire '(toxic fire) and" sick fire "(unhealthy fire), hence the deliberate mistake due to the association of the two adjectives, but also "talk sick, fire!", which could be rendered as "to make statements that make people feel uneasy or that upset them, and to convey them with passion and violence". In addition, the XS capitals, the phonetic reading of which would be "excess", are two letters which, when highlighted, deliberately strengthen the outrageous nature of the message. Finally, all the songs of TOXSICK FIREcontain references to fire, whether they are the internal fires that devour us, such as love, hate or anger, or sadly real fire, like that of flamethrowers, napalm bombs and firearms, the funeral flames of cremation. Or the fire created by the cowardice of men, like hell and the flames of damnation.

TOXSICK FIRE does not say much about love, or only its thwarted aspects, let alone of joyful, childish, and syrupy emotions. TOXSICK FIREspeaks of anger at corruption and denounces abuses of power whatsoever, but also about war, oppression, obscurantism, hypocrisy, and all forms of repression of individual freedom. TOXSICK FIRE speaks of the faults of man, the horror of his condition, his despicable sides, but also his courage when faced with this absurd condition. The indignant message about is always fierce, sharp, raw, straight, without any concessions to propriety, and without taboos of any kind.

This shock therapy is cathartic, liberating, even therapeutic, the outflow of wounds, disappointments and rebellions of all kinds bred over the years by human behaviour and by society at the dark dawn of the 21st century .

The band's projects are: do as many gigs as possible in Belgium, especially in Brussels, to promote our music and to meet audiences; record quality demos in the studio, as well as a marketable CD (we currently have about twenty compositions to our credit); participate in festivals both in Belgium and northern France in order to become better known know and increase the number of fans; to work on new songs and finalize versions of them that meet the expectations of the 4 members; to have plenty of songs to play live in order to be able to propose different playlists and thus to vary our shows.

The fetish objects that follow us in all our concerts are two elegant naked trunks of mannequins wearing rusty gas masks: fragile human flesh grafted with the cold metal of war and faced with the noxious fumes of our corrupt and decadent world. Striking effect guaranteed!

TOXSICK FIRE is not indebted to any recognized song. No particular existing album has inspired the band, except, perhaps, the album whose cover, if it existed, would represent "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, a striking pictorial echo of the angst that most of our texts convey. The three words that best characterize our music probably are: energy, passion, and anger. We are a synthesis of our diverse influences: 1) the great hard rock bands of the 70s, Black Sabbath especially, but also, to a lesser extent, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Michel is a fan of the great heirs of that time: Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Heaven and Hell, Ozzy Osbourne, and also Rammstein, for incisive riffs that put nerves on edge. 2) New Wave: Manu, who is a little metal fan with a romantic side likes playing the acoustic guitar; he is also a fan of The Cure, while Michel prefers the cold wave of Joy Division and Bauhaus, and, for their gothic accents, Play Dead, Christian Death and The Sisters of Mercy.

Michel also never misses a Killing Joke concert. 3) punk: Michel is a fan of the Sex Pistols and PIL; some argue has a voice like that of Johnny Rotten ... but he also vibrates to the sound of The Damned, The Exploited, The Vibrators ... 4) Ben, the drummer, is an absolute fan of Radiohead, which adds some more "trendy" accents to our music. This being said, he also perfectly mimics Steve Morris, the drummer of Joy Division and New Order. Our creative process is simple: provide one or two bottles of red wine, some good strong Belgian beers, but also grenadine without bubbles for Ben. During the weekly rehearsal held in the evening at Jemappes near Mons, in Manu's former barber's shop now converted into a veritable guitar museum (Manu is an inveterate collector of guitars and the walls are literally lined with his instruments, behind which one can still see some posters of hairy rockers), Michel (guitar/vocals) or Manu suggests a riff he composed and finds interesting to the other members. If they share this view, Manu and Michel develop this riff and try to find a chorus. A break, some text, a voice, and guitaristic accents can then be added. The 4 members then define the final structure of the song, which is transcribed on paper and distributed to the members, and a copy of the draft is saved on USB, to allow individual practice at home for the next rehearsal.

What differentiates TOXSICK FIRE from other bands is undoubtedly the fact that the band's music is a fusion of diverse influences (a mix of hard rock, metal, new wave, all of which is sprinkled with a solid ration of heartfelt punk aggressiveness), which some may find irreconcilable, due to the 4 members, who have in fact a very different musical past (Michel was a bass player in the post punk band Trust Your Fears, which was inspired by Joy Division, in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Manu was a guitarist in several bands, including some close to grunge and others devoted to cover songs (Scorpions, Téléphone, The Cranberries, Lenny Kravitz, etc.) and also those of Gabriele and Ben. Moreover, Manu is a technician of the guitar, which he learnt in a formal way, while Michel and Gabriele have approached the guitar by ear only since adolescence, and do so in a totally instinctive, intuitive and emotional way, without rules, which, so it seems to them at least, would paralyze their creativity.

Manu is a fan of distortion pedals. He also mistreats an impressive foot pedal reminiscent of a power plant, while Michel is content to play on a modeling amp that requires few adjustments but is quite thunderous though. Manu strikes complete chords; Michel only plays two, sometimes three strings at once, never more, which enables him to gain time rythmically. Manu is very fast with his left hand, while Michel especially relies on his right one to give the "groove". The meeting of these two complementary approaches eventually gives unexpected results musically. Finally, all this is done in a nice mood since the 3 guitarists, who do not see the neck of their instrument in the same way, complement each other but are never rivals.




III mannequin
  1. Censored 5:15Free listening
  2. Hypocracy 4:15Free listening
  3. Short-finger metal god 4:07Free listening
  4. Stupid little fuckers 3:38Free listening
  5. Dejection 5:19Free listening
  6. The outsider 5:30Free listening







I just can't stand,
I just can't stand the sight
Of your bloody ties
I just wanna bite
Just wanna bite
The smile off your lies
Off your lies

Self-satisfied bastards
Ruling a world of fools
Buying your sick brain muds
Subjected to your rules

Bribery, nepotism
The scourge of socialism
Surrender to their code
And stay fat like a toad

The right is even worse
Make money, fill my purse
Crush the poor, choke the earth
Lick gold asses from birth

I just wanna vomit
When I see what you did
Stop eating all this bull
Rise up, brother, revolt

Wipe up the filthy race
Of rulers without grace
The time has come at last
The world needs a new cast

Politicians beware
Makers of the nightmare
Must foot the heavy bill
Or forever lie still

Your suits many once turn red
Your lies melt into lead
The spitlle on your face
To reveal your disgrace

Warmongers of all kinds
Hypocrites nothing binds
Your age of dirt is dead
So is the crap you said

Short-finger metal god

You, the master with cut fingers
The accident with that machine
Could certainly have brought you down
But far from it, it urged you on
You, the master with cut fingers
With heavy riffs you bewitched us
With you SG you stormed the stage
Into dark rock you took us far

You, the master with cut fingers
These fond few lines we wrote for you
To tell you now with modesty
That you're the pioneer of metal
You, the master with cut fingers
With you SG you stormed the age
Into dark rock you took us far
Souls and eardrums were enraptured

You, the master with cut fingers
These fond few lines we wrote for you
To tell you now with modesty
That you're the pioneer of metal

You, the master with cut fingers
The accident with that machine
Could certainly have brought you down
But far from it, it urged you on

Stupid little fuckers

You haven't done a thing, young man
And think the world is yours to use
You just loiter about all day
Teasing your favourite joysticks

But did you ever think, dickhead,
Of those people you depend on
Those geniuses who do create
All the dumb games you would die for?

Your insolence is such a shame
You're but a weight on society
Get out of bed and go to work
The word "effort" it's time to grasp

The blame is not totally yours
But your parents', who do nothing
To bring you up on proper terms

They are the real culprits for sure
The destroyers of a fine world
Where real culture was a treasure
And life was not just through a screen

Wake up, young man, it's not too late
To open books and start to learn
For if you don't, those in power
Who encourage your ignorance
Will use you as brainless puppets
To operate their factories...


Why do you never care
How I feel, what I like ?
Not the least sympathy
Let alone empathy

I wanted to love you
Be your man, to serve you
You offered me disdain
Neglect, and mental pain

It could have been so good
To live life together
But I once took for love
What was a flitting dove

What do you really want?
Expect from my poor heart?
I've never felt so vain
So eager to complain


The outsider

You fucking bitch
Crave for the rich
Damned dirty slut
Hate you so much
You put me down
Walk out on me
You suck at my brain
Empty my soul
I hate to shop
Burn in the sun
Reading rubbish
Doing nothing
Your gossiping
Makes me so sick
Idle chit-chat
Day in day out

The blood on the sheets
The smell in the toilets
Those dumb smiles at babies
Word, words, lack of action

Reproduction is your keyword
A mere instrument in your hands
A mere puppet full of semen
Blindly to fertilize your womb
Perpetuate, YOUR RACE !



The past


Rehearsal 2016


Live at Cayau - The 26/02/2016

At Roosevelt - The 02/05/2016

At Titans Club



  • Concert au Roosevelt

    At Roosevelt - The 02/05/2016

  • Concert au Cayau

    At Cayau - The 26/02/2016

  • Concert chez V?

    At Vero - The 03/05/2016

  • concert lucifer

    At Lucifer - The 12/03/2016


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